First ever blog and ICT

Before going to my first seminar on ICT I have to admit that as becoming a teacher, ICT is the main subject that I am absolutely dreading about teaching the pupils in my class. This is because as a child and a teenager I grew up with a dad who was able to help with any problems with technology and how to use it, so the whole concept of teaching ICT is worrying!

But the breakdown of the seminar made me feel comfortable about teaching ICT. One part of teaching ICT and teaching in general is looking at the patterns between things to develop understanding and to give children an opportunity to predict things that may happen in the future. An example of this from a teachers point of view may be in English when you are reading a book as a class and offering up the opportunity for children to notice patterns with other books that they may have read and asking how they think the book might finish or what might happen in the next chapter? This would be an engaging way for children to recognise and pick out patterns. Identifying patterns is a key way for children to learn and this occurs across the curriculum.

ICT has the potential for being a great subject for children to learn but you also need to make sure that children gain skills that actually help. For example not simply using iPads all the time in ICT lessons but also using computers as on my work experience the children were very competent in using iPads but in terms of using computers there skills weren’t as advanced. As iPads aren’t used everywhere all the time, it’s part of a teachers job to teach their pupils how to use things in the computing world.

Learning about ICT and how to teach ICT should be exciting and I’m looking forward to the rest of the Hungry Games!


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