Initial Thoughts on Computing – Task 1

I have always been competent with the use of computers as I grew up with a sister who was very good with technology and showed me the ropes, as it were. However, the thought of applying that knowledge across to my teaching was a scary thought.

I have an ECDL (European Computer Driving License) Qualification which allowed me to become more confident in using: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Using the Internet, Security and Safety on Computers, Databases and much more. Also, in Art & Design GCSE, we seemed to use Photoshop quite a lot in order to edit our photos for a desired effect. During Music GCSE and A-Level, I used Sibelius which is a software where you can compose music for any type of piece. In my four years of studying Music, I wrote 4 compositions so I’m very confident in using this sofware. In Junior School Technology and Design, we learnt how to use SolidWorks which was so much fun and I found it really interesting and useful.

During the course of the ICT module, I hope to gain confidence in learning how to teach the subject to a classroom of children and how to make the subject fun and exciting. My aim is to engage every pupil in this subject in the hopes of them finding it enjoyable and that they will be able to transfer these skills into other subjects. I would like to be able to reflect on this practice in a positive and negative way and draw from my experiences to make my teaching more effective.

ICT is rapidly increasing in it’s importance in today’s education. Not only does it stand as a subject by itself, it links in with so many other subjects that I’ve already mentioned earlier, such as: Art & Design, Music, Technology & Design etc.
It also links in well with all of the STEM subjects as it contributes significantly to: research in the Science field; data collection and statistics in Mathematics; and the designing of products in Technology or Engineering.

I have considered the National Curriculum for Computing and what their aims are. I believe that pupils must ‘understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation‘ is the most important aim because this means they can apply their knowledge to many aspects of computing which can be very useful in the classroom.

In conclusion, I hope that my ICT skills progress in order for me to confidently teach the subject in the classroom and to highlight significance that ICT has on our education today.



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