Initial Thoughts on ICT

As a child myself I never fully enjoyed ICT and although I didn’t particularly struggle, I did find some aspects difficult so to me, the idea of teaching ICT to a class of children is a very daunting task. With the ever advancing technology of today’s world, one of my main worries with this subject is that the children will come into my classroom better technologically equipped than I am before the lesson has even begun. However, following the ICT seminars over the last few weeks, I feel significantly more confident in my ability to teach – and enjoy – ICT as part of the primary curriculum.

The expected technological ability of children in the primary classroom has increased and expanded rapidly, with children in Key Stage 1 completing tasks that I myself was not taught until secondary school. However, it is argued that this advanced learning is necessary when aligning it to the modern world that these children are growing up in.

In the future, I hope to be as enthusiastic about teaching ICT as any other subject, creating a positive learning environment, so that the children feel they are making the most out of every lesson.


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