Animation – Task 3

In week 3, we learnt about the use of animation in the classroom. I have used the app ‘I Can Animate’ on my iPad before and have found it to be a really easy piece of software to use. Allowing the children to use animation in their lessons can add depth to their understanding of using technology.

We experimented with the software called ‘Animate It’ and used a camera connected to the computer. The camera faced down towards the table to create a birds-eye-view and we modeled our scene below the lens.


My group decided to do an animation called Under The Sea and we created our story from plasticine, tinsel, paper and feathers. We had to move the pieces bit by bit and make sure to take pictures each time without any hands or unwanted items in the screen.

This is our completed animation:

This website describes the benefits of using animation in the classroom:

The resources I would use in the classroom are:
Animate It
I Can Animate



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