In last Monday’s session we learnt how to animate, which is something that I had done before when much younger. I really love animation and think it is a really easy way of creating a story through film and I think children in a class would love to use it. It can be easily incorporated across the curriculum by getting the children to write a “script” thus incorporating English, and designing clay models and backgrounds in D&T/Art. As well as this you could get the children to make a soundtrack on Garageband which incorporates the music curriculum within ICT.

We started our animation off by making clear the theme, which was underwater. We then made a background and established any parts of the video that would be moving constantly, which in our case was the seaweed and the waves. We then built our various sea creatures,  a whale, mermaid, a shoal of fish, a jellyfish, a dolphin etc. We moved each object and took a frame, it is a very simple process and the ideas are much more important than the process! We made sure some fish went over the seaweed and some below to create a 3D effect. Here is our animation, entitled ‘Under the Sea’.

I also found this website really interesting and useful as it highlighted the main areas that animation can improve:

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