Animation Week!

This week we were learning about the tool of animation and how powerful and affective it can be. I have never done it before but I’ve seen really good ones from people who I know, my cousin made one at the end of her journey with bad health which enabled her to explain what had happened etc!

Our groups presentations theme was ‘under the sea’ and we created different creatures and features that may be under the sea such as mermaids, whales, dolphins, star fish and sea weed. It was very surprising how easy it was to make by simply using a camera and slowly moving the characters about to show movement when it’s all put in to a movie.

The beauty of making animation part of your teaching style is that it can be adaptable and really helpful with cross curricular lessons. For example our animation could be a cross curricular lesson between ICT (as we used the iPads) and Art (as there was a lot of modelling involved in creating the creatures). The potential with ICT is endless, we as teachers simply need to be brave enough to tap into it. As we go through our teaching career, ICT will continually develop and improve so we need to embrace its possibilities rather than be afraid of it.

12200756_10205215313642627_1693513391_n 12202287_10205215313722629_920713188_n

I found this website very interesting and helpful in opening my eyes to the possibilities that ICT offers in the classroom.


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