E-Safety…what is it?

In this weeks ICT seminar we were focussing on the potential issues that arise if a child is very active online. One key one is with the development of technology and children learning from a young age how to use it efficiently, there are problems for those who are in a grown ups position to protect them from things online that they should not be exposed to.


The video that we watched during the seminar was very poignant and focussed on a key problem which I vaguely referred to earlier. Children have a much easier access to technology than we did as children, and that was only 10 years ago. They need to be taught how to stay safe and that cyber-bullying is a form of bullying and that children should report it as soon as it happens. I found a helpful website that would be good to show to the children when focussing on bullying in a PSHE unit, just to emphasise the fact that cyber-bullying will not be tolerated to the same degree as bullying on the playground.


The following website has some helpful ideas on keeping children safe. There are useful links for children, teachers and parents/carers to go on to find out how they can protect children.



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