The use of iPads in the classroom

The effect of using iPads in the classroom has been widely debated, with some viewing the benefits of them, and others seeing their faults. iPads can be useful for children as it teaches them the skills they will need regarding the ever developing technological world of the 21st century, however, some teachers prefer a more traditional method of teaching, claiming that iPads are too impersonal.
In our second ICT seminar, we looked at how iPads can be used in the classroom, and even across the whole school. During our session, we looked at apps on the iPad that might be useful in our future careers as teachers, such as ‘Pinterest’ which can be used to inspire ideas in the classroom.

Our next task was to go outside and take pictures of objects that related to our chosen theme. Our theme was ‘Texture’:

12047385_984188898308471_1831474747_n (1) 12167158_984188871641807_1915020743_n 12168127_984188944975133_1005423445_n12166208_984188841641810_961194430_n

Once we returned to the classroom, we were asked to put our pictures together to create a short film on iMovie, another useful app that we discussed in the seminar.


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