When looking at e-safety, there are unfortunately many threats to online users, especially children. In our seminar on internet safety, we looked at some of the dangers we face as adults, and what pupils in our class may face as children, such as exposure to inappropriate websites, cyberbullying, and talking to strangers.

We discussed our role as teachers in keeping children safe online and ways we can do this, such as privacy settings, web filtering, and parental locks on certain sites, and monitoring their use of technology to try and prevent cyberbullying.

This not only involves ensuring that children are safe when they are online, but also keeping ourselves safe and professional on the internet, for example, making sure we keep public profiles private.

E-safety in school is important as it is part of our role as a teacher to keep children safe as much as possible, and safety on the internet is a significant part of this.

Here are some links to information on e-safety, particularly involving children, and resources that may be shown to children to teach them about staying safe online.





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