Interactive Whiteboards

In our session today we looked at the use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom. There are three types of IWbs (Interactive Whiteboards), Promethean Board, SMARTBoard and RM Easitech. They can be used for the same things as regular display boards such as PowerPoints and videos however they can also be used for more engaging and interactive purposes. Children can come up and write and draw ideas on the board, & we can even use clip art and other features to make things more exciting. Children can highlight text or drag and drop words into sentences, and it makes learning more interactive and involves the children much more. It means that the teacher doesn’t just transmit information but the children are involved and are active participants in the lesson. Teachers need to be familiar with the technology and be competent enough to use it well so that children can get the most out of it, especially considering the expense of an interactive whiteboard and the technology needed.

We looked at a software called ‘ActivInspire’ and multiple ways of using it within the classroom. We learnt how to use simple things like the pen tool, erase tool and highlighter tool.


We also looked at more complex things like drag and drop and creating shapes with specific colours and even making a flipboard where a magnifying glass will only show certain multiples of numbers by manipulating where the numbers are in relation to the magnifying glass (the equivalent of ‘send to back’ in a Microsoft package!).


  12207827_992870187440342_306800214_n  12202000_992870164107011_53381215_n, and both have a plethora of resources that can be used in the classroom. I personally really like the Topmarks and Literactive boards as they have a really good educational purpose, you can order numbers, sort letters etc. You could easily use the maths pages as a simple starter for the children to complete.

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