Interactive Whiteboards – Task 5

In this week’s session, we learnt about the advantages of having Interactive Whiteboards (or IWb’s) in the classroom.

We found out that there are three different types of interactive whiteboard: 
Promethean Whiteboard, RM Easiteach and SMARTBoard.

Interactive whiteboards can support children’s learning by being used for:

  • Individual or group activities e.g. pupil presentations
  • Whole-class sessions e.g. teacher’s presentation of a subject
  • Mental warm ups e.g. interactive games related to the subject being taught
  • Games e.g. to wind-down after a long day, or as a class reward for good behaviour

We then registered an account with PrometheanPlanet, ( which enabled us to access different teaching resources to support using whiteboards in the classroom, for example, ActivInspire. We learnt that the whiteboards can be used for solving mathematical problems, improving literacy skills and presenting ideas in a fun and creative way for different subjects, such as Science.

Our group decided to focus on ‘presenting ideas’ in which we drew a killer whale and labelled the different body parts on the animal. We thought this would be useful in terms of revising known facts in the classroom, especially in subjects like Science or Geography.


The following website gives ’10 Creative Ways to use Whiteboards in the Classroom’ which I think is a very useful link for teachers to keep in mind if they are struggling to find ways to use more technology in their own class. The author suggests using it for Google Earth, recapping a field trip, team competitions and much more.

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