Online Task- is the website good?

For this weeks task we were asked to evaluate the usefulness and effectiveness of a website and the one that I chose to do can be found on the following link:

At first glance this website looks like a very useful one. It is entirely dedicated to producing and offering online maths resources got teachers and schools. You do need to subscribe and pay but you are offered a 14 day free trial to test whether it is worth getting the full subscription.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 15.11.23

This is the home page and it is clearly laid out with easy tabs and links to other options and resources that are open to you as a consumer. So I decided to test out one of the resources that are open to you as a teacher to use in a lesson! One of them was based on developing a quick recall of times tables.


Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 15.13.56

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 15.15.02
This is the screen that you are shown at the end. This gives the child an opportunity to track their progress but also allows the teacher to see which times table needs to be worked on, whether that be for an individual or a whole class activity.

This activity amongst many of the other activities that I tried are perfectly clear and easily accessible enough for children to access and complete during a lesson if it is open. The activity that is shown above is perfect for a plenary activity as a way of rounding off the lesson but also keeping their brains thinking and practicing key skills that they need to develop from a young age.

Things that I really like about this website:

  1. How easy it is to get around and find things. This is achieved through the clear and no nonsense labels and tabs taking you on through the website to further features that the website offers.
  2. I like the colours and the way that no page is very cluttered. It is using clear font that a child can easily read meaning that if a maths lesson was do various activities around the classroom; a child would easily be able to work their way around the website and find different activities that they may want to complete.
  3. That you can save and download the activities on your computer but also simply open them up through the website. Meaning that you can have the activity easily accessible during a lesson and are able to look up different activities when planning a scheme of work.
  4. I like that it has a key features page, so if as a teacher you were truing to sell the website and subscription to the school you can easily show them that page which perfectly and simply lays out the benefits that come from using the website.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 15.26.28

Things that could be improved about the website:

  1. If the website had a feature where you could track data that the children gather through the different activities then I think that would make it a more superior site to the others that are out there. This is because it offers a superior way of tracking the change in a child’s ability as well as making the activities and time that a child spends on there not entirely useless or fruitless.

Thanks so much for reading,



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