Purple Mash – website review

Purple Mash is a website full of tools, resources and games for the classroom. The games and tools are all creative and musical. Here are some of the resources I looked at:

2Design and Make:

This app is used to display 3D shapes as nets and colour them in. There are multiple 3D shapes that children can create, including simple cubes and pyramids, up to vehicles and people. I enjoyed looking through these and experimenting with the different options. As well as simply filling the space with colour and drawing you can adapt the shape of one side and this will edit the whole net accordingly. This is really clever and in the case of this car shape you could get the children to edit the shape to make different types of cars.


This is a good app for music, however it is simple and there are better options out there, especially using Garageband. This app uses simple notation, clicking a timeline to add rhythm. The options are bass, snare and hihat with another instrument (either clap, bongo, cowbell, shaker etc). There are multiple options for amount of beats and the tempo.

Purple Mash4

Simple City

This is an image of a city with hyperlinks to different sections. Each section has videos, drag and drop games etc. For example when you click the zoo you go to a page with multiple zoo themed videos and games. The drag and drop game pictured below lets you drag the animals and letters into the scene. When you click the animals/letters you hear the word/sound. I don’t really know what this ‘game’ would be used for, but it would be fun for KS1.


I had a look at this for a while, it contains simple drag and drop coding to manipulate sprites. The simplest one I looked at is screenshotted below. The tasks are presented as challenges, all in different scenarios – this one is an airport. The challenge is to get the plane to take off, thus the code is “When clicked>Plane>Up”. This is very simple, however it might take younger children a bit of time and I personally had to debug the sequence a few times to get it to work correctly.

Purple Mash

Overall this website is very good for children to explore as there are so many activities – I only brushed the surface above. It would be a good website to put on a screen for Golden Time in KS1, and for simple coding, art or music lessons. I liked the simple interface, however older children would find it patronising. The apps themselves sometimes have better alternative apps with more opportunities.

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