TES iBoards – Website Review

This website is full of resources for teachers to use in their lessons. It is focused around the use of the interactive whiteboard in the classroom as the activities are mainly designed to support this tool, however there are a vast range of additional resources for each board activity such as work sheets, information sheets, and lesson plans.

One activity I chose to look at was looking at adding one more or one less to a number. The resource had rabbits in a field and asked how many there would be if one were added or one were taken away. Then the teacher, or a child, can use the interactive pen to select the number the class decides on and see if it is correct. This activity is engaging as it puts maths in a real life context and can let the children interact with the resource. It is possible that, for activities such as this, children may be able to participate without adult support as the resources are easy to use.Screenshot 2016-03-13 10.45.15.png

There are many other activities like this on the TES iBoards website for a wide range of ages and subjects and, although it is a paid subscription website, it is a highly useful resource in the classroom. However, one way it could be improved is by having a way or recording work that children do on the interactive whiteboard when they are working without adult input for assessment purposes.

Along with individual activities, this website also offers ‘packs’ of resources and activities for different units of work, for example, I explored an activity where children can make their own weather reports and have them played back to them, I then discovered that this activity was part of a set of resources in the weather theme. The pack was full of documents and activities that related to weather for different areas of the curriculum, for instance, news articles for literacy and season cycles for geography or science.

I would recommend the use of this website in the classroom as it is fun, interactive, and offers a large variety of activities.


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