School Experience ICT Badge

On our school experience, we saw many ways that ICT can be used in the classroom and were shown majority of the resources available for us to use. In our Reception class there were two iPads. These were occasionally used by the children, but were mainly used by teachers and supporting staff to assess the children’s progress using an app called tapestry. This app allows teachers to make observations of the children’s work during discovery time and select the areas of the EYFS curriculum that the work applies to. Parents also have access to the observations written about their children, and can make their own observations of children at home, which is useful for the class teacher to track progress and keep parents informed.


We also had access to the teacher’s computer and interactive whiteboard in the classroom. This was used throughout the day for many things such as the register, choosing lunch options, and songs. It was especially useful during discovery time as children could use the ‘ActivInspire’ program without adult input to practice letter writing, mark making, and drawing. The ‘ActivInspire’ software was also used by the teacher during phonics and ‘speedy maths’ sessions where the teacher wrote letters and numbers on the board for the children to see.


During our time on placement, the school participated in ‘Anti-Bullying Week’, where a focus on preventing cyberbullying was strongly emphasised. The children were given an assembly on the importance of stopping bullying both virtually and in real life.


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