Computer Coding (KS1) – Task 7

In this week’s session, we looked at the use of Bee Bots in the classroom. Bee Bots are controlled by programming and can help children develop their knowledge on sequencing and commands. We decided to focus this around the topic of KS1 Computing.


The Bee Bots can be controlled by pressing the buttons on the actual ‘bot’ which adds a practical element into the activity. This way, the pupils can physically see which way the Bee Bot will go according to their instructions and the buttons they press.

Another way in which the Bee Bots can be controlled, is by using the Blue Bots app which allows pupils to use their iPads through the help of Bluetooth to move the Bee Bots in the direction they choose.

After learning about how the Bee Bots worked, we were given the task of designing a map for the bots to follow. Most groups in the class did their map in the style of ‘cars on a road’ but my group decided to create a Strictly Come Dancing themed activity. IF this activity was applied to the classroom, the children could come up with a dance routine for the Bee Bots to do and create dancer names for the bots as well. To get the whole class involved, the audience members (the other pupils watching) could give the performance a score out of ten and extend this by justify why they gave that score.


This YouTube video shows how you might apply Bee Bots to the classroom.



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