E-safety Awareness badge

For this badge we were asked to look up posters that help us and children to be “digital citizens”.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 16.01.58

E-safety is a growing concern as it is more readily available to children of young ages. The growing field of social media opportunities such as Facebook  Twitter are allowing children access to the outside world without leaving their room and exposing themselves to whatever is on the internet. The growing interest in another social media app is Yik Yak. This is an anonymous account where you can post anything and anyone in your local area can see it. This has the potential to be dangerous as there is no accountability to anything that you may post because of the anonymous nature of the app.

Some key ideas that come across in these posters are:

  1. Don’t share your personal information (such as your number, address) with anyone online
  2. If you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable then tell an adult like your parent or teacher
  3. Don’t send a message that you wouldn’t say to the persons face
  4. Think carefully before you post anything, is it appropriate? Is it necessary to share that about yourself?

As part of the badge we were then encouraged to make out own internet safety poster, the image below is mine.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 16.30.27

Thanks for reading!



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