Key Stage 2 Computing

In our seminar this week we continued to look at computing in the national curriculum, this time focusing coding and programming in Key Stage 2.

We began by looking at a website called ‘purple mash’, which provides many different activities relating to different areas of the computing curriculum. One of these activities allowed children to program fish to move in the directions instructed.

purple_mashWe also explored ‘Logo’ on the ‘purple mash’ website, a software that allows children to practice their programming skills by typing commands to create shapes and patterns. This can have cross-curricular links with both maths, as it looks at shape and angle, and art, as the children can create images by programming.  We also learned how to conduct a ‘procedure’ where a series of commands can be activated with one command.


We also looked at a computer programming software called ‘Scratch’, which allows children to be introduced to programming in a way that is both simple and fun. They begin by choosing a ‘sprite’ character to give commands to, and then are able to explore all the different functions that the software provides.


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