Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

Interactive whiteboards have been in the classroom for 10 years and they have gradually become a bigger part of a lesson. However, the impact of the whiteboard on a lesson is totally dependent on the confidence that the teacher has in the technology and how he or she can use it. A teacher who isn’t particularly confident in their ability won’t use the whiteboard to its full extent. A teacher like this shouldn’t impact the childrens confidence in technology which admittedly is becoming less of a problem as technology is more accessible and children are exposed to it at a much younger age.

There are lots of ways that you can use a whiteboard in a classroom and these pictures offer a snap shot of the opportunities available to teachers if they knew how to access and use the technology.

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Pam then gave us the opportunity to explore what an interactive whiteboard could offer in a classroom. We made a resource based on a killer whale, but the tools on the interactive whiteboard offer various options for what you would do with it. For example you could label the different parts of the animal, you could insert other pictures of sea creatures for story time or an art lesson. This would be achieved by using the clip art tool or if you want other pictures by clicking on the clip art button you can also access Google which will give other options for pictures.


The possibilities with an interactive whiteboard and how to use them are endless and should not be limited at any point. As a teacher creating exciting resources that support and extend the learning of the children can be challenging as you may not feel comfortable in your own ability and also may not feel that the time it takes to create a useful resource undermines the effect that the resource may have on the children. However, there is a whole internet full of resources for teachers to use.

Here’s one that I found: – with this website you can be very particular with what you are looking for i.e. the age group you are focusing on and the subject. If you click on a subject it will give you an opportunity to look on which key stage you are focusing on. This opportunity for a teacher is immense as for those children who’s intelligence and ability is maybe above the other pupils in your classroom, you could easily download something that will challenge them so that they are still actively learning in the classroom.

The following websites either contain helpful links to websites or are full of resources themselves:


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